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Statesman: our choice for the Republican primary for Ada County commissioner

Idaho Statesman Editorial Board, May 15, 2020


Teri Endorsed by Garden City Mayor John Evans

Ada County Commission candidate and conservative Republican Teri Murrison has received the endorsement of long-time Garden City Mayor John Evans.

“Teri’s willingness reach out and listen to the cities and ACHD has impressed me. She’s going to show up, work hard, and help strengthen important relationships,” said Evans. “She’ll work hard to address the issues important to our shared constituents.”

Evans cited Murrison’s personal integrity and character, her experience as a former county commissioner, on the Ada County Planning & Zoning Commission, as an Idaho Certified Public Manager, and as an agency administrator for the State of Idaho as evidence of Murrison’s qualifications.

“Teri believes that cities should develop according to their unique visions and that Ada County can facilitate development of a larger shared vision with the cities. She’ll honor Garden City’s vision and make common sense land use decisions in the unincorporated areas. Her Master’s Degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution make her an extremely good addition to our local government team.”

“I’m honored to have the support of Mayor Evans,” said Murrison. “He’s a highly respected leader, one whose statesman-like demeanor and breadth of experience will help us move forward together as a region to address some very big challenges. I look forward to working closely with the Mayor and his Council.”

Mayor Evans has served on the Garden City Planning & Zoning Commission and the Capital Investment Citizens Advisory Committee of the Ada County Highway District, He was elected to the Garden City Council in 1995 and was elected Mayor in 2005. He is on the Board of the Community Planning Association (COMPASS) and Valley Regional Transit.

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Former Meridian Mayor Tammy de Weerd Endorses Teri

Ada County Commission candidate and conservative Republican Teri Murrison has received the endorsement of retired Mayor Tammy de Weerd.

“Teri’s a fiscal conservative, a pragmatic leader, and a team player. She’s a strong vision for Ada County and seeks to bring citizens into their government and to work together. Teri's personal integrity along with her considerable experience has me convinced that she’s the best candidate for the District 2 Commissioner position,” said De Weerd. “I love that Teri sees the cities as partners and our citizens as her constituents - this hasn't always been that case.”

De Weerd stated that given these times of rapid population growth and funding challenges, the City especially needs County leadership that will work closely together to maintain service levels and the high quality of life.  She noted and appreciated Teri’s willingness to help Meridian achieve its unique vision while helping develop a larger shared vision with the cities as well as Ada County Highway District regarding transportation.

Murrison expressed appreciation for De Weerd’s endorsement. “In her 16 years in office, Mayor Tammy exemplified the very best qualities in a public servant,” she said. “She took Meridian from sleepy town to a vibrant, full-service community - the second largest city in the state - and has a lifetime of accomplishments in the process. I am truly moved that she’s placed her confidence in me. I look forward to learning from her. I won’t let her - and the community she so loves - down.”

Former Mayor De Weerd was elected to the City Council in 1999 and as Mayor in 2003. She is credited with making Meridian a family-friendly community with parks and strong youth programs, and for the City’s inclusion on a number of nationwide “best places to live” lists. She also attracted a private medical school, and a federal Opportunity Zone incentives program, secured funding for the I-84 Ten Mile & Meridian Interchanges, created the rapidly-developing 301-acre urban renewal district near the Ten-Mile interchange, and facilitated development of The Village, a $300 million retail center. Shortly before retiring, De Weerd also completed an update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan.


Dear Friends,

As Ada County Prosecutor and Sheriff, we have come together to encourage you to support and cast your vote for Republican Teri Murrison for County Commissioner District 2. Leadership, experience, and integrity are critically important qualifications for those who serve on the Ada County Board of Commissioners.

Our challenges and needs are immediate while we try to navigate through the crisis facing our county. Teri comes well equipped with a strong conservative voice to join the team that's leading Ada County forward. Right now, we need Teri to be appointed as County Commissioner more than ever.
Teri is not only well prepared, she's easily the most qualified candidate in the District 2 race. She's served:
• 4 years as a county commissioner (including as a member of the Emergency Management Team during wildfires)
• 8+ years as the administrator of a state agency
• 5 years as a small business owner
• 8+ years as a public information officer
Teri is the proven Republican choice, who will be tough on taxes and spending, dedicated to responsible growth, and a huge defender of keeping our public safety system strong, she's the leader that Ada County needs right now.
Please stand with us and vote to have Teri appointed to fill the District 2 vacancy. Teri is who we need on the board of commissioners.
Thank you,

Ada County Prosecutor
Ada County Sheriff


Ada County Prosecuting Attorney Jan Bennetts Endorses Teri

Ada County Commission candidate and conservative Republican Teri Murrison has received the endorsement of County Prosecutor Jan Bennetts.
“Leadership, experience, and integrity are critically important qualifications for those who serve on the Ada County Board of Commissioners,” said Bennetts. “These are challenging times. We don't have time for people to learn on the job. Our challenges and needs are immediate. Teri comes well-equipped to join the team that's leading Ada County forward.”
Bennetts stated that those qualities and her commitment to excellence in public service, to the rule of law, to accountability and transparency, and her ability to make the hard choices necessary, make Teri Murrison the best choice for Ada County's next District 2 Commissioner.

"Teri is experienced. She's been in the trenches in local government before. She understands that a Commissioner's role is to provide support and leadership so that we can accomplish our shared goals. Teri is able to prioritize needs and resources and will be strategic in her decision making," said Bennetts. "From day one, she will be a great addition to our team."

"As a Prosecutor, it is critically important to have strong leadership, experience, and integrity at the helm of the County, to best support the public safety system from law enforcement to the courts. I am here to protect Ada County, the quality of life for Ada County residents and their constitutional rights. Teri will help keep Ada County safe as the County continues to grow."
“Jan Bennetts does an exceptional job of pursuing justice and constitutional representation for all,” said Murrison. “She's smart as a whip, has a great work ethic, and collaborates well with her federal, state, and local public safety partners. She's dedicated to keeping our communities safe, defending the rights of victims, and to performing her civil and administrative responsibilities with skill. Jan's the best combination of tough and compassionate. I'm honored that she has endorsed me.”

Bennetts was unanimously chosen by the Ada County Board of Commissioners in 2014 to fill the term of retired Ada County Prosecutor Greg Bower. She was subsequently elected to the office in 2016 and is currently running for a second term. Bennetts oversees nearly 180 employees in the Criminal and Civil divisions of the Prosecutor's office. She's worked there since 1994, handling a wide variety of high profile cases. She led the creation of the Domestic Violence Unit, helped create the Domestic Violence Court, and Ada County's FACES of Hope Victim Center.


Assessor Robert “Bob” McQuade Joins Other Ada County Officials in Endorsing Murrison

Ada County Assessor Bob McQuade today endorsed Teri Murrison, joining Ada County Prosecutor Jan Bennetts and Sheriff Steve Bartlett to encourage voters to support Teri.
Citing the recent retirement of a commissioner and an increased workload on the Commission due to the COVID 19 virus, McQuade stated, "Ada County needs strong conservative leadership. I'm endorsing Teri because her executive experience and knowledge of the issues facing Ada County make her the only candidate who can hit the ground running on day one."
Murrison counts among her experience four years as a county commissioner before being recruited to work for the State of Idaho in 2011. For the past nine years she's served Idaho as an administrator, and before that, eight years as a public information and administrative officer for a regional transportation planning agency, two years on the Eagle Transportation Committee, and five years on the Ada County Planning and Zoning Commission.
"Teri's service on the Ada County Planning and Zoning Commission give her valuable insight to the issues facing Ada County and its citizens," said McQuade, citing the issue of greatest concern (before the COVID-19 pandemic) to Ada County residents.
“I so appreciate Bob’s endorsement and the confidence in me that he’s expressed,” Murrison responded. “He has his finger on the pulse of county matters and what’s important to Ada County residents. Property taxes are of great concern now and will be even more so because of the economic impacts of COVID-19. He understands the urgency of getting the right person elected to the Board of County Commissioners right now.”
Assessor McQuade has instilled public confidence in his office’s transparency and excellence, as well as for his proactive outreach to educate Ada County residents on property tax relief programs offered by the county. “These are,” Murrison said, “Obviously and especially important now.”
First elected in 1994, McQuade has presided over significant advancements in the Assessor’s Office. He’s a past President and a winner of the Mills-Adler Award from the Idaho Association of Counties and in 2012, his office received the International Association of Assessing Officers “Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration.
The Ada Board of County Commissioners is responsible for a budget of over $288 million, for land use planning in the unincorporated area of the county, for public safety and other important services. Murrison is running for an open seat in the May 19th Primary.
Teri has received the endorsement of former Ada County Republican Commissioner Jim Tibbs

Being an Ada County Commissioner requires courage, intelligence, understanding, and a sense of future needs and challenges.

“Understanding the Idaho Constitution, Idaho Statutes and their connection to the values and culture of Ada County citizens are absolutely necessary for members of the Ada County Board of Commissioners,” said Tibbs.  “Teri has the experience, passion and the desire to prevent Ada County from becoming just another mediocre place to live work and play.”
Tibbs stated that Teri posses an exceptional ability to work with citizens, county staff, other elected county officials and representatives from other government and non-governmental entities. Tibbs added, “Teri has earned the respect from everyone she has worked with and she will be able to hit the ground running as a commissioner.”
Tibbs served on the Ada County Board of Commissioners from 2013 to 2019.  He retired from the Boise Police Department in 2004 as Chief of Police, served on the Boise City Council for one term, appointed as Chairman of the Idaho Board of Correction and served as Idaho’s first “Drug Czar”.



Former Gov, First Lady Endorse Murrison for Ada County Commissioner

Former Idaho Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter and First Lady Lori Otter have endorsed Teri Murrison, a fellow Republican, in the Ada County Commission, District 2 primary election.  

“We’re pleased Teri’s stepped up to help guide Ada County forward in these troubled times,” said Otter. “With her decisive leadership, broad experience, and vision, she’ll make an excellent conservative commissioner on the Ada County Board.”    

Murrison has worked for the State of Idaho for nine years, eight of them under Otter’s administration. She also served as an Ada County Planning and Zoning Commissioner and an elected county commissioner before coming to work for the state.

“Teri graduated from our women’s leadership program several years ago,” said Lori Otter, CEO of the highly respected Idaho Women in Leadership program (I-WIL). “We recognized then that she’s ready to step out and lead. She’s dedicated to exemplary leadership. She has the background. She’s a big picture person, an achiever who does her homework and connects with those she serves. I can’t think of a stronger person to send to the Commission.”
The Ada Board of County Commissioners is responsible for a budget of over $288 million, for land use planning in the unincorporated area of the county, for public safety and other important services. Murrison is running for an open seat in the May 19th Primary.
“There’s a lot riding on this election,” said Gov. Otter. “Teri’s got the qualifications needed. Let’s get her elected.”

Former Lt. Governor, Attorney General David Leroy Endorses Murrison

Teri Murrison carries my earnest and strongest endorsement as an able, experienced and well qualified candidate for Ada County  Commissioner.
Her personable interaction with constituents and fiscally responsible approach to our future challenges will be political necessities as we face the predictable challenges in Ada County for 2021 and beyond.
On the issues, Teri is right. On principles, she is proper. I would expect her to swiftly become a leader of leaders for our entire region.  Dave Leroy

Jim and Eva Gay Yost Endorse Murrison

Longtime Ada County Republican leaders Jim and Eva Gay Yost have endorsed Teri Murrison for Ada County Commissioner in District 2, citing her strong conservative values, commitment to addressing soaring property taxes, and vision for a better Ada County.

"Ada County needs strong conservative leadership to dial back property taxes and county spending. We’re endorsing Teri because she’s proven to be an effective negotiator and relationship builder who gets things done,” said Eva Gay. “She has the skill set and determination to be a strong advocate for all citizens of Ada County. She can make things happen.”  

Murrison’s experience includes owning a small business, working under the Otter and Little administrations at the State of Idaho, serving as a public information and administrative officer for a regional transportation planning agency, time on the Eagle Transportation Committee, and the Ada County Planning and Zoning Commission. She’s also an Idaho Certified Public Manager and has a MA in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.

"Teri’s familiar with every major issue of importance to Ada County residents right now," said Jim, a natural resources advisor to several governors. “She’s been a county commissioner during the Great Recession and major emergencies, she’s worked in transportation, made land use decisions, and has been active on public safety issues. She’s also a strong advocate for transparency.”

Jim is a former Idaho State Senator and is currently a member of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, having been appointed by Governor Otter in 2007. Eva Gay is a longtime member of the Ada County Republican Women’s Club, and served as a Republican Precinct Committee Member for 14 years. She has been involved in many successful Republican campaigns, most recently on the Committee to Elect Brad Little as Volunteer Coordinator.

“It’s a great honor to earn the support of the Yosts,” said Murrison. “Their roots in the Republican Party are so well established and their community and distinguished public service  record is admirable. I look forward to working with them on many issues going forward.”

The Ada Board of County Commissioners is responsible for a budget of over $288 million, for land use planning in the unincorporated area of the county, for public safety and other important services. Murrison is running for an open seat in the May 19th Primary.


Patrick Dorinson, Cowboy Commentator

I believe that wisdom comes from experience. If the voters of District 2 put their faith in Teri Murrison by electing her to be their voice as Ada County Commissioner they will be getting someone with a whole lot of both.

I have known Teri for over 10 years and I have come to know her as a relentless advocate and tough fighter for the people she has served in all her various positions.

Teri is also a straight shooter and she will always tell you what she thinks while at the same time listening to all sides of an issue to make informed decisions. She is completely transparent which is a fancy word for saying what you see is what you get with Teri.

Teri is a God-fearin’, Second Amendment supportin’, true conservative who knows how to squeeze the most out of every dollar of the taxpayer’s hard earned money so that they will get a county government that works for them.

Teri has wagonload of common sense at a time when common sense ain’t all that common but is needed now more than ever.

Teri will pull back the reins when it comes to keeping property taxes in check so they don’t get out of hand and she will work for county budgets based on the people’s needs not on what might seem nice at the time but not necessary.

Teri grew up on a ranch and she has a great respect for preserving Ag lands as well as open spaces. But she also understands the needs of Ada County’s cities and will strike a balance so that there is responsible growth to keep the county’s economy healthy.

And finally, Teri is a tireless supporter of the men and women in public safety from law enforcement to fire departments to emergency medical services who make Ada County one of the safest places on this earth to raise a family and chase one’s dreams.

Teri Murrison is my friend. I urge the voters of Ada County District 2 to elect her County Commissioner. She will be your friend too and more importantly she will fight for you every minute of every hour of every day.

Teri Murrison for District 2 Ada County Commissioner!

For the last 35 years Patrick Dorinson has been involved in all kinds of political combat all across America and has the battle scars to prove it. He is a writer, speaker and commentator who unlike many so-called pundits and commentators, has actually been in the arena.

He was a columnist for the FOX Opinion section on the FOX News website. He is an author of the book It’s Nut Cuttin’ Time America!, which is an anthology of his FOX News columns. In the past he appeared on Sean Hannity on the FOX News Channel and on Cavuto on the FOX Business Channel as well as on FOX webcasts.

For eight years he hosted his own radio show, The Cowboy Libertarian on iHeart media’s KFBK radio station in Sacramento.

When he’s not out meeting new folks so he can tell the real story of America and her people, you can usually find him in the saddle on the back of his horse Beamer.

#murrison4ada Keep up with Patrick at


Cindy Giesen - I have completed my voting research (background,forums, etc..) for the Ada County Commissioner, Second District. TERI MURRISON GETS MY VOTE! She is very knowledgeable of the region's issues, is experienced in governing and has well thought-out plans to represent the people of Ada County. If you give her your support in the Primaries, I expect she will be a surefire winner in the November 2020 General Election. Please vote for her. Sincerely, Cindy Giesen (Concerned Citizen of Ada County - Kuna ID)

Mike Olsen

Laura and Steve Wilder

Stephen and Samantha Parrott

Lynn Bradescu

Kent Goldthorpe, ACHD Commissioner

Dr. Dean and Sheila Sorensen

Idaho Sugarbeet Growers Association

Matthew Woodington, DVM - I have known Teri for many years. I look forward to her representing traditional Idaho values as an Ada County Commisioner!

Debbie Field, ED Idaho Women in Leadership, past Chair of State Board of Correction, former lawmaker

Boyd Hill, Representative, District 21 (retired)

Linda Wright Hartgen, Representative, District 24

Shawn Keough, State Board of Education Member, former Senator, and Co-chair of Joint Finance-Appropriation Committee

Abby Lee, State Senator, District 9

Kelley Sutton Packer, Executive Director, Association of Idaho Cities, former Chief, Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses, former lawmaker

Luci Willits

Blythe & Russ Klipple

George Lawrence Fischer

Freda Cenarrusa

Nancy Merrill, former Mayor, Eagle

Dave & Jacqui Shurtleff

Dr. Tommy & Shanna Ahlquist

Heidi & Orville Thompson

Brian & Val McCauley, Hand in Hand Family Mentoring

Tom Brengle

Connie Miller

Amy Lyons

Lori Fascilla

Clay Carley

Mike Chidester

June Shoemaker

Brandy Wilson

Theresa Johnson

Cheryl Bloom

Michael Dolby

Cheryl Miller

Jessica Perreault, Meridian City Councilmember

Jo & Steve McIntyre

Robert and Terri Wright

David Nielsen

Rob McQuade

John & Linda Chatburn

Melanie Fowers

Pat Minkiewicz

Julie Burkhardt

Rick Waitley & Dorita Waitley

Richard Durrant, Big D Ranch

Drew Eggers, Retired Mint Farmer

Richard Smith

Monica McKinley

Cheryl Christensen

Elli Brown

Melanie Fowers

Scott Cleveland

Lori Ann Cline

Friends, Family, and Former Constituent Endorsements

Megan & Jordan Geary

Vito Chiesa

Suzanne Cruz

Deidre Kelsey

CJ Hadley, Range Magazine

Lori Weyuker - I have known Teri for several years when we participated in the Marian Bergeson Series on Public Policy together. I endorse Teri Murrison for Ada County Commission.

Russ Thomas

Shirley Vierth - Teri is the person for the job. I've know her since she first threw her hat in the ring for Supervisor of my district in Tuolumne County, CA. I was President of the Twain Harte Chamber of Commerce and was so impressed with her that I became involved in her campaign. It doesn't matter her party affiliation, she will listen to all sides of an issue and vote according to the facts and the best for the community. Vote for Teri! She'll make you proud.

Jaime Huff

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